Home Painting in Dubai: Top 10 Geometric Wall Paint Ideas

Do you want to give a stylish and contemporary look to your home? Home painting in Dubai transforms your abode into a beautiful space with colors, textures and finishes. Geometric wall paint revamps and elevates the interior décor to the next level. Geometric prints come with a pop of colors and striking patterns. 

You can style up your dwelling with lavish walls. Here we will explore these inspiring Geometric Wall Paint ideas to transform your home. Let’s get into the blog.

Geometric Wall Paint Ideas for home interior design in Dubai 

Mandala Geometric Art

These days mandala geometric art has gained popularity due to its fine detailing and aesthetic color schemes. It is being considered to soothe your soul and increase concentration. Mandalas radiate positive energy.  People who are planning to incorporate geometric patterns into mandalas will add symmetry and precision to their walls. 

Honeycomb Harmony Wall Paint

This type of wall paint incorporates honeycomb patterns into the design. This type of home painting will create a sense of balance and aesthetic appeal. These hexagonal pattern-based wall art add an abstract element to your walls. Strike a balance between honeycomb patterns to complement your wall décor. Honeycomb wall paints transform your home space into balance and serenity.

Colorful Geometric Art

You can make a statement with colorful geometric art by adding vibrant and dynamic art forms with rich palette colors. Geometric art has no limit and you can achieve anything with exciting shapes. Go for neon shades to give a more appealing color for a creative look. 

Luxurious Geometric Art

Keep in mind Geometric Art doesn’t mean you have to play with colors. There are other factors that make it luxurious and glamorous. Go for sleek designs with golden and silver shades pair up with turquoise, black and pink. You can incorporate metallic elements into geometric art to add a touch of luxury to home painting in Dubai. Select intricate and detailed geometric patterns to grab the attention. This wall paint type combines luxury aesthetics with a bold color scheme. 

Minimalist Geometric Approach

This one is best for those who don’t want bold hues. They prefer circles and arches simply to enliven their wall space. This is for adding interest and depth to your space. You can select a color palette that complements the existing décor for custom home painting. Create dramatic contrast with a monochromatic scheme for vibrant and energetic visual impact. 

Chaotic Geometric Wall Art

It’s a dynamic and energetic approach to design. You can draw geometric shapes of different sizes. Home interior design in Dubai is all about creating chaos over the walls with bold and contrasting colors for a chaotic effect. You can add texture using techniques like sponging and splattering in your paint. Accent walls can add drama and personality to your space. 

Triangular Geometric Walls

A Combination of triangles in different colors and sizes makes your space more refreshing. You can add the calmness of white along triangles. Consider adding additional effects or dimensions for creating a 3D effect by using different shades of same color. Triangular geometric art can make your living space more modern and dynamic. With this wall art, you can create unique focal point with this geometric masterpiece. 

Chevron Geometric Art

You can achieve a trendy and dynamic look with chevron geometric art. All you need to do is to paint zigzag lines across the wall. Choose contrasting colors and shades to create an aesthetic chevron effect on the walls. Whether it’s a living room or office space this suits your style and complements the overall wall design. 

Geometric Borders

Home renovation in Dubai is incomplete without Geometric art. You can create a wall’s top or bottom geometric borders to give a more aesthetic look. Add visual interest with shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and zigzag designs. 

Color Block Art

Geometric wall art could have different color blocking sections of the wall. Use contrasting color schemes and artistic approaches. Incorporate bold, vibrant colors and contemporary design into your space. You can create geometric patterns or abstract patterns to achieve the desired aesthetics. 

Wrap up

These are some of the inspiring geometric wall paint ideas that have gathered to transform your living space. Home painting in Dubai is all about aesthetics and incorporating enriched designs. Hawa Albaher Painting Services can revamp your space into a stunning masterpiece at competitive prices. 


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